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Ultimate Off-Grid Solar

Company History

Started in 2015 but over 20 years of experience in designing and installing off grid systems on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have designed and installed thousands of electrical systems and over 300 dedicated offgrid solar power systems here on the Big island.

    • We don’t just sell solar panels and off grid systems, we live on them. We have an active off grid solar system at the store and can tell you what it’s is like to live off grid. For the do-it-yourselfers we can teach you how to setup your own system. Living off-grid is easier than you think.
    • We can help you design a system that is custom sized for your needs. This will help you save money by not purchasing unneeded equipment or having to repurchase and upgrade later.
    • Systems are installed by Mattos Electric licensed electricians. Mattos Electric is a locally owned and offers reliable electric contractors to the homes and businesses in Hilo, HI and throughout the Big Island.
    • Each year Ultimate off grid systems attends several forums, trade fairs, training seminars to keep up to date with the best off grid technology.
    • We carry the best brands that are designed and tested specifically for Hawaii and its unique climate, including Outback, Morningstar, Midnite, Hyundai, Solar World, Outback batteries, Brightway, Interstate, SunDanzer, and Steca.
    • We are friendly and easy to work with and have installed systems for just about every type of off grid power need/situation.

Kawika Stevens

Kawika has a passion for renewable energy and helping people learn to live off the grid. He has worked in the renewable energy business for over 8 years and has lived completely off-grid in Glenwood, of the Big Island of Hawaii since 2005 using solar power and the same type of equipment we sell at Ultimate Off Grid Solar. 

    • Kawika has been recognized as one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry, quoted by Market Watch, and has been invited to speak at several energy forums on off grid systems. You can view the Market Watch article June 22, 2015: “What it’s like to use an off-grid solar and battery system in your home”.
    • Kawika and Off-Grid Solar has designed an off-grid system on the Big Island of Hawaii for season four of the show “Tiny House Nation” which will be airing soon.
    • He keeps up to date with the latest off-grid products and also maintains several Outback Power certifications.

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